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os Willows Weddings in North San Diego near Temecula
...........Complete Ceremony and Reception Packages.

Conveniently located within close proximity to Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles Counties, Los Willows offers something for every romantic seeking beautiful San Diego and Temecula wedding and reception venues.

... wedding bells will guide you to a charming lakeside gazebo and later a dramatic pavillion ...

Always imagined a lakeside wedding in San Diego? Been dreaming about a scenic Temecula wedding location?  Looking for a wine country wedding, only better?  The sound of flowing waters.  A sunset champagne cruise.   How about retiring with your loved ones to your own private hillside bed and breakfast?  

For those who are searching for the perfect San Diego area wedding site, if you crave natural surroundings and prefer a private and elegant venue for your wedding and reception, you will absolutely love Los Willows.

For a wedding celebration fit for a fairytale romance, there is no other place. With lush garden paths and evening lights reflected in a rippling lake, Los Willows inspires love. The options are endless at Los Willows and they are all here in one very special place. It all comes together in a garden wedding location fit for your dreams.

Los Willows proudly offers temecula weddings and san diego wedding packages that are all inclusive.  Wake up to the sound of a waterfall at our bed and breakfast accommodations, get ready in our beauty salon and bridal lounge, and then have the big luxury wedding, the small intimate family wedding, or the fun stylish wedding you have always dreamed about at our north San Diego wedding venue.

Contact Los Willows today to find out why we are the Perfect Marriage of Elegance and Fun.

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