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Tips on Mailing Your Wedding Invitations

You’ve booked your venue and have your wedding date, YAY! Now it’s time to start planning your Save the Dates and Invitations!

We love The Wedding Shop and Minted for gorgeous invitation suites but there are other paperie boutiques and stores that offer custom invitations and suites. A quick Google search can help with finding the perfect invitation!

If you include multiple pieces in your invitations make sure to properly arrange them: the invitation itself is at the bottom, with the other pieces (such as maps, hotel information, and an RSVP card tucked into an unsealed envelope) stacked from the biggest to the smallest on top. This pile should go into your unsealed inner envelope – should you choose to have one – with the guests’ names facing the opening of the outer envelope.

Here are a few helpful tips when mailing your invitations!

Weigh before mailing. As seen above, high-end invitations can weigh quite a bit more than a standard invitation. It’s important to take one fully assembled envelope to the post office to make sure you know exactly how many stamps you will need. The last thing you want is to send out dozens, if not hundreds, of expensive invitations only to have them returned because of insufficient postage!

Splurge for hand processing. Custom invitations are beautiful, but are also often in nonstandard sizes and shapes. Not only can that affect the stamps you need, but also you might be required to pay for it to be processed by hand. Even if it’s not required, it might be worth it to pay the fee anyway, because then you know your mail will be sorted by a person instead of a machine. With a machine, there’s a chance that your envelopes could be bent or dirtied.

Stamp the RSVPs. The envelope with the RSVP card absolutely needs to be stamped before you mail out the invitations. You don’t want to be essentially charging people, however small a fee, to send in their RSVP to your wedding.

What tips would you give on mailing your invitations? Share in the comments below!




The Los Willows Team

18 Photos Not to Miss on Your Wedding Day!

Welcome to the Los Willows blog! We are so thrilled to be re-launching it and sharing posts and features on real weddings, inspiration, tips and tricks and other fun wedding posts to help you through the wedding and planning process! So check back here as we post weekly or on our Facebook page for new posts!

Today we are sharing 18 photos not to miss on your wedding day! These are photos that are often overlooked as the “big” photos are family, bridal party and of course of the bride and groom together.

1. The Stationary Suite
While you might keep paper copies of the programs, invitations, save the dates, reply cards and other paper goods it’s a great idea to have them all together in one “stylized” shot.

Photographer: Leah Marie Photography

2. The Kids (or Pets!)
We are suckers for seeing the little ones or furry friends walk down the aisle!

Photographer: True Photography

3. The Cake and Desserts
Sure you get photos of cutting the cake but getting those photos of the cake before it’s cut into or the donut wall or dessert station is a fun photo for you guys to look back on.

Photographer: Leah Marie Photography

4. The Environmental Photo
Think of it as not a couple photo but a beautiful scenic landscape shot with the newlyweds.
5. The Shoes
Getting that stylized shot of the shoes with the veil, jewelry or other dainty details is a must!

Photographer: Shadowcatcher Imagery

6. The Venue
After the meetings and walkthroughs it’s worthy of proper documentation! Get that overall shot of the ceremony and reception set up before the guests arrive so you will always be able to look back on that special day.

Photographer: Larissa Bahr Photography
Photographer: Analisa Joy Photography

7. The Bridesmaids
Grabbing a photo with the bride and her #bridetribe is a photo that she and her girls will appreciate. Plus it shows off the bridesmaids overall style.

Photographer: Leah Marie Photography

8. The Reception Tables
You’ve planned the linens, chargers, centerpieces and favors so a shot of the tablescapes is needed!

Photographer: Leah Marie Photography
Photographer: True Photography

9. The Silly Shot
Get the gorgeous romantic shots but also don’t be afraid to have fun with it!

Photographer: Lahrissa Bahr

10. The Aisle Marker
There are so many of the big details to capture like your dress, reception tables and of course the photos but don’t forget the small details like the aisle markers!


Photographer: True Photography

11. The Bridal Bouquet
Flowers may die but the photos of your bouquet will last a lifetime! We love the bouquet shots.

Photographer: Pauline Conway Photography

 12. The Boutonniere 
The bride has her bouquet and the groom has his boutoniere. It’s a dapper detail that should not be overlooked.

Photographer: Shadowcatcher Imagery

13. The Recessional
Probably the happiest, most genuine photo that will be captured on the wedding day and a must have for your gallery at home!

14. Escort Cards
We love showing creative ways to identify your guests to their seats! Huge tip: make sure it’s photographed before guests come and take their name.

Photographer: Leah Marie Photography

15. Reception Candid
Not just another grin and smile but as Mr. and Mrs., beaming at your beautiful reception!

Photographer: Leah Marie Photography

16. The Favors
Often overlooked or forgotten until the end of the night, so the takeaway here is getting the shot before they’re all gone!

Photographer: Erica Noelle Photography

17. The Centerpieces 
A no-brainer here, but well-composed centerpieces can be a difficult shot. We love to see the blooms with proper exposure and minimal clutter around it.

Photographer: O’Ryan Empire Photography

18. The Getaway
It’s the last moment of the wedding day, so this shot anchors the wedding’s end with a final applause from your appreciative guests.

Photographer: Eden Day Photography





The Los Willows Team

Lia and Kyle’s Los Willows Wedding!

We are so very excited to look through the pictures from Lia and Kyle’s wedding on September 26th. From the very first meeting we had with them, their love for one another was evident. The way that Kyle looked at Lia was enough to make even the coldest heart melt! Not only were they sweet as can be, they are absolutely gorgeous!  Here are some of the pictures from their special day! Kyle’s main focus was always making sure Lia was happy, and who could ask for more than that!

Thank you Gonzalo Photography for the stunning pictures!
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Let’s Get Personal

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event; your celebration should be as unique as the love you share with your soon-to-be partner for life! Make your wedding truly unique and a day your guests won’t soon forget by providing a one of a kind celebration. Here are some ideas to help you make your wedding day “YOUR DAY”.

Schedule a stylized shoot for engagement photos and display them on your wedding day. Use the photos for your guest table numbers.

Bring in unique, vintage or modern pieces for your wedding day photos, display tables or use as accent pieces in your reception.

Make your signage personal. Get some cute frames or little chalkboard and write down directions for your guests,

Glam up your sweetheart table with charming trinkets, fabulous linens and gorgeous toasting glasses.

Make an entrance for your ceremony like floating across a sparkling lake or cruzing into your ceremony in a fun red roadster

Here are a few of our favorite ways couples here at Los willows have made their day totally unique and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them and their guests.

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