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Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses!

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We for one have never fallen for the idea of a group of women being forced to wear the exact same style of dress. That’s silly. What flatters one person’s figure will definitely not flatter everyone.

Plus, in these times, you also have to think of the expense. The average bridesmaid will spend $1,700, which is a shock to most! Why should a woman spend money on a dress that she may not even like or way again? Isn’t it better for her to be free to purchase a new dress in a flattering style that expresses her personality? I think that’s an important element in a wedding- the freedom of expression. Your bridesmaids will be much more relaxed and the pictures will look better.

Neutrals are so hot right now, especially when it comes to bridesmaids dresses. In our opinion, this is the easiest color to blend different styles. Long nude dresses are best for a formal black tie event.

If you want a slightly edgier style, try mixing long and short dresses! Another option is to choose different colors, but the same style. This looks absolutely fabulous!

Another option is to tell them the exact color you want, and have them pick the dress and style they want!