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Flowers at Los Willows

About 130 million years ago, plants evolved and produced seeds. These little seeds weren’t just the most influential part of evolution, they were the beginning to a beautiful world blanketed with ferns, trees and blooms of flowers; A world full of color pallets, textures and smells.

At Los Willows Private Estate, we know flowers can be one of the most important focal points to your wedding starting from table arrangements to bouquets to the overall décor, flowers can hold a very unique meaning for you. Maybe it’s the beloved flower of a loved one who has passed that you wish to add to your arrangements as a reminder that they are present on your special day. Or perhaps a bouquet made with the flowers your betrothed gifted to you on the day of your engagement.

Whether it’s a favorite color you want to include, a tribute to your ancestry or the the flowers of the season, our  venue is capable of providing the perfect canvas for a beautiful, garden-fresh, romantic style wedding. Here are some great suggestions.

Ceremony flowers

The wedding Arbor sitting on Los Willows’ property is the perfect backdrop to any flower arrangement you choose. Timeless and classic colors like White and Green, are told to be the symbol of new beginnings and you can accomplish this style by placing round bouquets of white Carnations and Eucalyptus on the Arbor and Pillars at our Lake side Ceremony location.

To create a celestial or woodland vibe, add an array of wild flowers to your wedding arch in our lush green Meadow Location. Pictured below is an eclectic arrangement of Red and Coral Roses, White Anemone, and an orange tulip or two. The stand out flower is the cactus looking flower in the upper left hand corner of the arch known as the Red King Protea. The King Protea is South Africa’s National flower and can come in an array of colors.

Our 6 inch Svorsky Crystal Chandelier is breathtaking on its own, but adding some pink and white hand tied, round, rose bouquets to lace or silk curtains is a firm winner.

True Photography

Meadow Décor

Crafting a charming event full of head-turning details and little accents will turn your wedding into a blooming affair. We have many options that are available for you to add your arrangements to; including flower boxes, fences, wooden gates, pillars, shepards columns, display tables, aisles…….the list goes on.

Leah Photography
Shadowcatcher Imagery

Tablescapes in the Pavilion

Our elegantly tented Pavilion provides the glamour and symmetry perfect for sought after table arrangements. Tall, standing vases with Sweet peas, Garden Roses and seeded foliage are a perfect touch.

The cascading table arrangement below is bursting with colorful wild flowers, blooms and roses. The roses floating in the vase can be defined as nothing more than enchanting.

Emry Photography

Our Wedding Experts at Los Willows will help guide you in the right path to the ultimate outdoor wedding. Once you meet with our specialists and a recommended florist, you will begin to visualize your wedding as a whole. Book an appointment or schedule a tour at our Open House, Sundays 9:00 AM– 12:00 PM or you can directly contact us.

Some of the past weddings here at Los Willows have been such an inspiration to us and have planted some amazing seeds on our Estate. We are looking forward to being the perfect backdrop to your dream wedding.




Let them eat Cake………or how about Donuts? Creating Sweet Memories on your Wedding Day.

0101Amber Eric X2Choosing your wedding cake should be as smooth as the icing on top. On the other hand, what if it’s something other than cake you want?

With over 30 years of experience in food and beverage, Los Willows will expertly handle the presentation and preparation of your wedding cake and/or unique dessert display. Give them a treat that will perfectly accent your tastes in a way that will leave your guests with sweet dreams of you and thee.

Follow our directions and set your oven because we have concocted the perfect recipe for the dessert portion of your wedding.


1. You can choose to have your cake, donut tower or any kind of delectable tower displayed any way your heart desires. (This is where you can have your cake and eat it too!!)

doughnuttower 1
2. We can encase your dessert display with your desired floral selection of  an arrange it so that it is the center of attention. Second to you of course!!


  1. Mix it up. This doesn’t have to be a cookie cutter wedding. You can substitute the ordinary with some excitement and blend in a bit of the fluffy, luscious taste of love through an endless tower of doughnuts
  2. Add the element of surprise with a full service S’mores station, Ice Cream Bar and/or a popcorn stand. This will surely stir up some favorable gossip!
  3. Upgrade your donut experience with a full scale Homemade Donut Bar.

Samantha Goble Favorites 0075 X2LosW Details 2 Shadowcatcher0009 X2

LosW Details 1 Shadowcatcher0016 X2

4.  Sprinkle your dearest with powdered sugar and all that is nice and upgrade the donut experience with a full scale Homemade Donut Bar accompanied with an espresso, hot coffee or Tea Station.

KZ Details 140 X2 1

5. Throw in some sweetness with a colorful candy bar.

048Zheilla Ali 1024x681 XL

ShadowcatcherImagery 0107 XL

*However way you choose to mix it up, we will be right there to inspire you and help with the details.


Now it’s time to relax and sit back And Enjoy your Happily Ever After while our full service staff Cook up your ultimate wedding Delight!!

These are a Few of our Favorite Things: A Look Back at some of our memorable weddings

As the New Year approaches, we are vigorously getting ready to welcome our new couples here at Los Willows. It’s been a joy to see the happiness and togetherness our venue has brought to many families and friends and we are always so grateful to be a part of it.

As visions of sugar plums dance in our heads, we can’t help but to reflect on some of our favorite things from years past.

Live Event Artist

Voted the Best Wedding Idea of 2017, a Live Event Artist adds such a unique flare and is so personal to your unique taste that it is one of our favorite wedding ideas as well.

Two hours before your ceremony, the Live Event Artist will arrive and start to get the feel for the ambiance of your event. The Artist will then begin to paint his or her portrayal of your wedding and capture the true essence of the two of you. As the day progresses, your guests will be entertained by the live show and the evolution of your beautiful painting.

Heart Framed Wedding Guest Book

Meghan and Peter’s wedding guestbook table really caught our hearts. Instead of a guestbook with signatures that will be stored away out of view, your guests will sign a cut-out heart and place it in a large frame to be kept as a keepsake.

Heart Framed Wedding Guest Book

Later, you can display it in your home and have it to always remember your loved ones that came to celebrate your big day.

The Cinderella Carriage

With the clip-clop of horse Hooves and the birds chirping, let Los Willows be the soundscape to your dream wedding.

Every time we see a bride lit up by a Cinderella, horse drawn carriage, we can’t help but to feel like a bunch of Fairy God Mothers.

Horse And Carriage

Rent a beautiful Cinderella carriage to transport you to your ceremony and you will feel as though all your wishes have come true. Check out our bride from one of our favorite weddings. She was an absolute princess!!

Wedding Cinderella

These are just a few of our favorite things we were able to share with you. Keep following our blog posts weekly to discover all the wonderful and exciting things Los Willows Private Events Venue has to offer.

It’s The Morning Of Your Wedding, Now What!?

It’s The Morning Of Your Wedding, Now What!?

Your wedding day is finally here and thousands of emotions are going through you! Crazy right!? You have dreamt of this day since you have been a little girl. “Well, now what do I do?” You stop and think to yourself, “I am getting married! Where do I start first?” – you almost don’t know what to do with yourself. 

It is totally tempting to want to scream and shout in excitement but you also feel like crying hysterically. It may be overwhelming but believe me when I say, I have been in your shoes and it will all be okay. Girl, turn on some music and get ready for the best day ever! The next five things are important to you…why?, because it is YOUR WEDDING DAY!

Pauline Conway Photography
Screen Shot 2018 08 31 at 12.04.00 PM
The Life Pile

Skip The Coffee And Go For Water!
We all want to have our maid of honor show up with a Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato (or the coffee of your choice) from Starbucks while we get ready. Really? Who wants the bloating or the uneasiness caffeine may bring to an already nervous bride? Think about drinking plenty of water with a splash of fresh lemon first. The lemon will help reduce stress and improve your metabolism. Lemon water increases your mood and will give you the same caffeine fix that you are looking for. Try the lemon water first before you go for the coffee.

Text Your Spouse! 
You may have followed tradition and decided not to stay with your spouse the night before. This is the perfect time to send a love text before you see your future spouse later. It makes for getting ready easier and gives you a peace of mind. Look back on the messages you sent and remember the emotions that were running through your heart. You could say something cheesy but cute, “You know what makes this day perfect? Knowing I will always be there for you!”.

Pauline Conway Photography

Take Your Dress Out Of The Bag!
Here comes the fun part! Take out your gorgeous dress and let that baby breathe. You need time to let your dress air out so it is not wrinkled. This also makes for a stunning wedding shot of your perfect dress. Hang it on a door frame or on the hooks where you are getting ready. We want not only you looking perfect, but your dress as well!

No More Cellphones!
You just finished texting your future spouse, now turn your phone off! Let’s face it you are the bride! You don’t need to be bothered on the most important day of your life! You hand-picked your MOH/bridesmaids for a reason let them take care of everything you don’t need to.  When you turn your phone off, it keeps you from answering calls or texts but most importantly it allows you be present and in the moment. Don’t worry about your phone it will be there when you are finished with your day!

Take A Moment For Yourself!
With all the chaos and emotions running high during this time it is paramount that you take a moment to yourself. Look around and soak in all that’s going on today. You may have hair/makeup for your bridesmaids in one area, MOB or MOG getting ready, the beautiful scenery outside. Its these tiny moments that make a lifetime of memories. Just stop and realize that today is all about YOU & YOUR future spouse! Your life is just beginning, celebrate the love you two have for each other!

Pauline Conway Photography

Tour Mobile

When you come to visit us here at Los Willows for a private tour, we want you to ride in style while viewing the beautifully landscaped grounds in our customized Cadillac mobile, that seats 5 comfortably.  Also, our chauffeured Cadillac is an option offered to you during the grand exit to get you safely from the Pavilion to your get-a-way car.  Be sure to ask about it during your planning meeting with Julianne.