Fall Wedding Ideas!

October is rolling around very soon and we all know what that means… Its FALL time again! Sure, September 23rd was the first official day but really everyone ignores that until October!

Fall, that glorious season of college football, hayrides, pumpkin spiced lattes, and of course, beautifully themed weddings! Living in Southern California, we don’t truly get that crisp fall weather the rest of the country gets but what better way to get into the season than to make your wedding feel like it?! Whether you’re planning to go all out with your theme or just add subtle hints, we have some great ideas! Even if fall colors aren’t your thing you can always utilize spray paint, glitter, and ribbon to make all of these fall elements the perfect colors for your big day!
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Décor and Centerpieces | Make your wedding day feel like a nice autumn day by adding natural elements throughout your décor.
Gourds and Fruit– Add mini pumpkins or gourds into or around centerpieces to get that great pop of color. Fall fruits like pears and apples also add a great flavor to your setup.
Tree branches, Stumps or Dried Leaves– When we think of fall we think of trees with vibrant colors and soft piles of leaves all over the ground! These elements add a natural yet rustic feel to your décor.

Mason, Burlap, and Twine – No, these aren’t funny names for potential groomsmen! Use layers of burlap and twine to create table clothes or bows around your ceremony spot and reception. Then use mason jars as miniature vases for your flower arrangement or even as gifts for your guests! You can buy all of these in bulk at your local craft stores!

Invitations |  Invitations are the first aspect of your wedding that all your guests see! Here are some ideas on how to set the tone for an autumn wedding!
Colored Invitations– Color is hot right now! Seriously, “something borrowed, something blue;” Borrow the idea of a colored invitation! Use reds, oranges, or even a yummy buttercream to really spark your guests’ attention! Who wouldn’t want to go to a wedding with a kick-butt invite?

Leaf or Floral Prints– Use painted leaves or flower petals to create a vintage feel on your invitation. Plus, no two flowers are alike so each invite will be one-of-a-kind!

Burlap and Twine, AGAIN– Seriously, we can’t get enough of the stuff! Use pieces of these elements to tie off your invitations and add a little something extra!


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Bridesmaids | Want a creative way to ask your besties to be apart of your big day? Try putting Starbucks instant latte mix in a mason jar with a twine bow and a cute little note asking them to be your bridesmaid!

Dresses – Choose dresses in great fall shades of reds, neutrals, blues, and dark greens. Variations of these colors might be garnet, burgundy, golden rod, spice, eggplant, violet, sage, and emerald!

Floral Crowns– These things are so in right now! Bouquets are fabulous but seriously, floral crowns are amazing! They add a great statement to each of your bridesmaids and really add something extra to your wedding look and photographs. Utilize natural colors and elements like wheat , twigs and leaves to make them fit with the fall look.

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The Bride | What better way to tie in your entire autumn feel than add simple touches to your own look!
Lace: As said in the invitation section, you can seriously use antique lace throughout your entire wedding! Find a dress with lace accents or even made entirely of lace to really capture that vintage look on your special day.
Dress Color: White is traditional but who said you can’t wear a blush gown? Even dresses in taupe, off white, eggshell, would be great for the fashion rule of thumb that you can’t wear white after Labor Day!
Makeup: What do bonfires, jack-o-lanterns, and fall weddings all have in common? Smoke! Don’t worry; we’re just talking about a great Smokey eye. Ask your makeup artist how to really capture a Smokey eye with golden and brown fall tones that will really make your eyes, and your theme, pop! Girls getting ready facebook post 1-3-15-L fallblog

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Happy wedding planning from our team a Los Willows Wedding Estate!

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