How to Eliminate Stress and Enjoy Your Wedding

Here in San Diego, locals and out-of-state residents alike often take advantage of the rolling hills, temperate weather and beautiful views when looking to host memorable events. San Diego is especially popular for weddings – the most memorable of memorable events –due to the California city’s high concentration of quality reception sites. However, despite the beauty and serenity of the locale, you won’t be surprised to find out that even San Diego brides can be subject to stress when it comes to planning their weddings. Ideally, every bride and groom should be able to relax and enjoy their wedding day, but too many times, stress can become more of a part of a wedding than enjoyment. This stress manifests and can even become magnified for a variety of reasons, some of which surround the creation of the guest list. The “perfect” wedding and reception are possible, but having perfect people attend that perfect wedding is not. There is no way to please everyone, and brides and grooms will come to learn that to eliminate stress, they need to find a happy medium. What can a bride and groom do to deal with such wedding day stress, and how can they find a happy medium? Many San Diego reception sites will have onsite wedding planners and coordinators who can provide tips for dealing with such common issues, but we have included some more general words of wisdom here for those in need of a quick fix to their wedding bell blues.


Focus on the Beautiful View of San Diego from Your Wedding Venue, and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


For the bride and groom, it’s best to focus on matters you can control when planning a wedding and try not to be affected by the things you cannot control. For instance, you absolutely cannot control the weather (though in San Diego, the generally temperate climate can certainly work in your favor). You can control the wedding venue (in the sense that you choose it, of course!), but you cannot control the weather on your wedding day. If you choose an outdoor wedding venue with a spectacular view of San Diego, you inherently take the chance that it may rain. With this chance in mind, you should build a contingency plan, or ask your chosen venue if a rain plan can be put into place, in order to keep your wedding day stress at bay. However, if you think the possibility of rain during your outdoor wedding could make your stress levels shoot up, it might be best for you to go with an indoor wedding venue, of which there are many across San Diego. After you choose your venue and whether your reception will be indoors or outdoors, there are many other elements you can control and therefore do not need to stress about: your dress, what flowers you order, what food you pick for your reception, and who you hire for a DJ or band. If you’ve planned well, then that means there are many aspects of your wedding that will go smoothly. Planning a wedding down to the most minute details—and also following up on those plans the month before your wedding date—can go a long way toward eliminating the stress that can tend to build on the big day.


Tips for Reducing Stress on Your Wedding Day


Like we mentioned above, many of San Diego’s finest wedding halls will provide in-house coordinators who can help you navigate the stressful process of wedding planning. However, for those brides and grooms who wish to plan further ahead of time, or who are looking for even more tips about how to eliminate stress from the process, here are a few tips for reducing stress on your wedding day:


  • Make a list and check it twice. If you’re not a list-maker, become one. The more organized you are, the less stress you’ll feel on your big day. Nothing reduces stress like knowing everything is taken care of.
  • You’re only one person and you can only do so much. Assign people, including the groom, tasks to complete so that you’re not overwhelmed come your wedding day. Even the most organized person on earth needs help—especially on his or her wedding day.
  • Focus on the good things. Enjoy the spectacular view offered by whichever of San Diego’s popular wedding halls and reception sites you have chosen. Breathe, and remember the purpose of the day: you are marrying someone you love. You’re making a memory today, and you don’t want it to be fogged up by stress!


Make Your Wedding the Special Day, Don’t Overdo It at Your Rehearsal Dinner


At some San Diego wedding venues, the rehearsal dinner can be a part of the wedding package. Most engaged couples will have a rehearsal dinner the day before the wedding. You should resist the urge to make this dinner just as important as the wedding, however. It’s difficult enough to plan a wedding; you don’t have to plan another huge party right before the real big party. The rehearsal dinner should be a more intimate affair, and you have every right to limit this dinner to immediate family and the wedding party and their dates. Traditionally, the groom’s family plans this event and if they’ve volunteered to do so, let them. On your big day, you’ll be the hostess, but it is not your job to make certain the DJ keeps on track, that your meal is served timely, that the centerpieces are all beautiful. Assign others those tasks so you can actually relax and enjoy your special day. Planned correctly, everything from your rehearsal dinner to your I Do’s and throwing your bouquet should be a stress-free adventure.


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