Let them eat Cake………or how about Donuts? Creating Sweet Memories on your Wedding Day.

0101Amber Eric X2Choosing your wedding cake should be as smooth as the icing on top. On the other hand, what if it’s something other than cake you want?

With over 30 years of experience in food and beverage, Los Willows will expertly handle the presentation and preparation of your wedding cake and/or unique dessert display. Give them a treat that will perfectly accent your tastes in a way that will leave your guests with sweet dreams of you and thee.

Follow our directions and set your oven because we have concocted the perfect recipe for the dessert portion of your wedding.


1. You can choose to have your cake, donut tower or any kind of delectable tower displayed any way your heart desires. (This is where you can have your cake and eat it too!!)

doughnuttower 1
2. We can encase your dessert display with your desired floral selection of  an arrange it so that it is the center of attention. Second to you of course!!


  1. Mix it up. This doesn’t have to be a cookie cutter wedding. You can substitute the ordinary with some excitement and blend in a bit of the fluffy, luscious taste of love through an endless tower of doughnuts
  2. Add the element of surprise with a full service S’mores station, Ice Cream Bar and/or a popcorn stand. This will surely stir up some favorable gossip!
  3. Upgrade your donut experience with a full scale Homemade Donut Bar.

Samantha Goble Favorites 0075 X2LosW Details 2 Shadowcatcher0009 X2

LosW Details 1 Shadowcatcher0016 X2

4.  Sprinkle your dearest with powdered sugar and all that is nice and upgrade the donut experience with a full scale Homemade Donut Bar accompanied with an espresso, hot coffee or Tea Station.

KZ Details 140 X2 1

5. Throw in some sweetness with a colorful candy bar.

048Zheilla Ali 1024x681 XL

ShadowcatcherImagery 0107 XL

*However way you choose to mix it up, we will be right there to inspire you and help with the details.


Now it’s time to relax and sit back And Enjoy your Happily Ever After while our full service staff Cook up your ultimate wedding Delight!!

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