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Meet the Team

Cathie Ransom

Cathie Ransom


For over 22 years, Los Willows has been my passion. I like to think that we are in the “happy” business making dreams come true at each and every celebration. If there are compliments that we hear over and over again, they are, “This place is…

Buffy and Brandy

Brandy and Buffy

Branch Managers

You may run into these two on non-wedding days. Brandy’s favorite thing to do is retrieve sticks or in some cases, branches. Buffy prefers to meet and greet and hang out with whoever has a treat.

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Lynne Martucci

Director of Operations

I wear many hats because that is how it is in this special industry. I have been working in Food & Beverage Service for over thirty years and with that experience I truly know food, from preparation to presentation and I know just about everything…

Liza Isacsson

Liza Isacsson

Senior Sales Specialist

Hello, my name is Liza Isacsson and I am the senior wedding sales specialist here at Los Willows. I am proud to say that I have had the honor of producing unique and successful weddings for brides and grooms for over 35 years. I would love…

Los Willows Wedding Planners



Our team of Venue Wedding Planners from left to right, Alyssa, Julianne and Victoria. It takes a special passion to be a wedding planner and these three ladies have fallen in love with making your planning experience fun and memorable.

Los Willows Wedding Coordinators



Our Team of Venue Coordinators from left to right, Stacy, Kendra and Nancy. Between the three of them they have over 35 years of experience. Their main focus is to make the couple’s wedding night MAGICAL!!


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