Our Gift to You: Unwrap your Perfect Wedding package from Los Willows

This Holiday Season at Los Willows, we are making your future wedding list and checking it twice. Our New Blog contains just a sample of what Los Willows Private Event and Wedding Estate will gift to you on your special day.

Los Willows Wedding Packages are wrapped up into three different parts; The Classic Package, The Elegant Package and The Ultimate Package. And in your stocking, you will find Silver and Platinum Wedding Additions. These Additions are small gifts within themselves that will add to that extra excitement on your Special Day. For a full list download our full Wedding Package Brochure here.

Here is a short list of what is included in the Wedding Packages that we offer:

An Experienced Wedding Coordinator:

The Wedding Coordinators at Los Willows will dedicate their time at our Wedding Workshop to organizing all your wedding details and oversee your entire Rehearsal, Ceremony and Wedding Reception.

Food and Beverage Services:

Our Full Service Sleigh will make all the stops and provide you and your guests with a satisfying and accommodating experience.

Your Guests will be greeted with our Tray Passed Champagne or Sangria service upon their arrival. There will be a Stationary Appetizer on display and Wine Service throughout dinner.

Champaign Service

appetizer in a glass X2

Choose from a Buffet Style or plated Dinner and upgrade to the Chefs Ultimate Menu to experience am elevated Dinner experience.

Suites and Retreats: Los Willows Estate will pamper you two lovebirds in the two hours prior to your ceremony in your private and exclusive Suites.

Bridal Suite

98594 X2

The Red Roadster: With a Little old Driver so Lively and Quick, We knew in an instant it must be our Roadster!

Take a trip down future’s, memory lane and enjoy our complementary Red Roadster for a Grand Entrance.

0035Rachael Todd X2

Champagne Boat Cruise: More rapid than Eagles their courses they came, the Guests whistled and shouted and called them by name.

Arrive to your ceremony in a swift and disembark from your guests in style on our Champagne Boat Cruise.

Champagne Boat

Reception Tables: To the top of the table! To the top of the wall! Now sash away, sash away, sash away all!!

As one of our many options, Los Willows can decorate High-top Tables with your desirable Linen and Sash.

0146Amber Eric X2

Gold Plated Table

Contact us so that our Wedding Experts can assist and organize all your wedding details, and oversee your Rehearsal, Ceremony & Reception.

There are endless possibilities to our Packages and Additions we can spoil you with and we want you to know that at  Los Willows, we only host one Event a day. This way we can assure that all the attention will be on you on the most important day of your life.

Happy Holidays to you and thee and make sure to follow our blog for more hints as to what Los Willows can gift to you!!!

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