What the Wedding Professionals Say

As the full time staff of a wedding venue, our day to day lives consist of everything weddings. We tour, sell, book, plan, coordinate, cater and create weddings, day in and day out. We live and breathe the industry, keeping abreast on the latest trends while also joining couples in their journey of preparing for their wedding day! Needless to say, we have loads of advice for any bride or groom to be. We’ve taken some time to narrow it down to the most important points so read on friends! This private wedding reception estate is an excellent wedding venue located in North county Temecula, California.



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Wedding Vendor Advice:

Research your vendors and always check online reviews. Someone who is good at sales can tell you anything but you definitely want to know they’re trustworthy and can help create an amazing wedding experience for you. This includes venues, DJ’s, photographers, caterers, florists, etc. You’ll appreciate doing the extra research when it’s all said and done.

Make sure you read through every contract and know exactly what you’re getting before you sign anything. Be thorough and don’t be afraid to stand up for what you want and need.

Wedding Planner Advice

Keep a paper trail: Always use written communication when dealing with your vendors, venue, planner and/ or coordinator. This will eliminate any room for interpretation, and will allow you to quickly reference all conversations pertaining to your wedding.

Keep your ceremony Short and Sweet: Try and keep your ceremony 20 to 30 minutes long. If any longer, you may lose your guest’s attention.

Plan your seating chart out so that each table makes sense. Place friends at a table with their friends, family members who all get along at another, and if you have single guest allow them to sit beside a few other people who may have come as a party of one as well. That said, don’t stress about every single seat. Once people have their table number they probably won’t be able to figure out which chair they’re meant to be in and they’ll just choose one.

Bar and Food

Create a signature drink for you and your fiancé that really represents you. Discuss with your bar provider about creating a special version of your favorite cocktails.

When choosing your food don’t think of your guests, think of what you like. Ultimately, the food will never please every guest. As long as if represents you, is well prepared and well served, the guests will be happy.

Make sure you schedule a taste test with your caterer before planning your menu. That way you know what you’re getting and know your money will be well spent.

Wedding Coordinator Advice:

Remember that your wedding day is not a party for your friends and family. A great bar and music are definitely amazing additions to a wedding but overall it’s about starting your life with your partner.

Plan ahead and don’t stress over the details on the day of, just take it all in and enjoy. Your wedding day will fly by so delegate each task to your coordinator or a friend who can be your eyes and ears for the entire day. Also, ask someone to be your designated phone person for the day. Allow them to field calls, texts and emails so you can concentrate on having and amazing experience.

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